Òla’s Picks of the Month

As the Founder of the brand about sex that isn’t always sexy… Òla spends a lot of time engrossed in all things sexual health, wellness and media. Never one to lead their loyal subjects astray (we’ve been on an historical romance kick @ HQ)- Òla will be cultivating a list of suggested reading, viewing and sex toys worth purchasing. This list will be updated monthly for your viewing pleasure. *Some of these items do contain affiliate links, meaning Òla gets a little commission off of your purchase.

One of the best contemporary coming of age films to tackle adolescent sexuality in recent years. It’s cheeky, heartfelt and funny. The kind of movie about sex as a teen that would have made me feel less foreign. Worth a watch!

The Book Rec

My favorite bell hooks addition to the conversation of love and a consistently relevant ponderance on what it takes to build true connection in a world void of equity.

Quinn: Everyone’s favorite erotic audio app

In the olden days (as in a decade ago), I had to scour the underbelly of reddit (GWA listeners, unite!) and the deep cuts of Youtube for my male moaning fix and now… it’s in an app. I’ve actually been on Quinn since the beginning, like when it was free, and I love the conversation it’s allowing about the potential of what we find erotic.

Shadow Ball Crop

I’ve been more sadomasochistic lately and that’s reflected in the toys getting the most use. If you’ve been wanting to increase the intensity of your impact play or just want something that will finally leave bruises (I have that gripe too), this is the toy for you. 😏

Òla’s favorite CBD oil based lube!

My favorite lube got a facelift. There’s a new formula with the same gentle ingredients and some added spice to encourage more sensation, deeper orgasms, and continued slip. Oh, and a pump top for easier application which I definitely needed to avoid wasting as much as I did before. I sing its praises cause it’s that good!